The Movement Towards Motion in Website Backgrounds


Jakob Nielsen on May 16, 1999 It’s interesting to look back on Jakob Nielson’s 1999 list of ‘Who Commits The “Top Ten Mistakes” of Web Design?‘. While most issues are still entirely relevant – frames, slow download times, orphaned pages – others we’ve moved on from. In 2016, looping animation is no longer considered an…

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How to create a 301 redirect in WordPress

WordPress-301-redirect-FB-2be5f47358307a0d1d6cb2281fd2df3e920a7fa4 There will be times where you want to redirect visitors to a different part of your website when they visit a particular page or post. Reasons for this can be that you renamed a post and its URL, a page was removed or you want a different page to rank. Redirects in a nutshell The name…

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How to Protect Emails from Spammers with WordPress Email Encoder


Do you want to share your email address on your website without getting caught by spam bots? When you add an email link or plain text email address, it will most likely be copied by an spam email harvesting bot. In this article, we will show you how to easily protect emails from spammers with…

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AtoZ CSS Screencasts: The CSS @supports Rule

icon.html-css-7637dbde584aa98a0a642ef40a9f8f9a3c58030f Loading the player… This screencast is a part of our AtoZ CSS Series. You can find other entries to the series here. Transcript When using new or experimental CSS, it can be useful to know if the browser supports the features we’re writing code for. Feature detection is often done in JavaScript with tools…

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Monstroid & Divi Multipurpose WordPress Themes – Main Features & Comparison


Monstroid and Divi are probably the most popular all-in-one solutions on the net. However, you don’t need two similar web design and development toolkits, do you? So, the time when you should choose either Monstroid or Divi will come by all means (if you consider only these two themes, of course). Indeed, a multipurpose theme…

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Black Friday 2016 – Let Us Help You


Mark this date on your calendar: 25th November 2016. That’s the date for Black Friday 2016! It’s the day where you can save a whole lot of money through special discounts and offers. We’re really excited to help you, the plugin, theme, hosting, or WordPress service provider, make this day, and the whole weekend, as profitable…

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JUnit 5 State Of The Union


JUnit 5 has been under development for about 14 months now and the prototype is almost a year old. Time to summarize what happened so far, where the project stands, and where it’s going. All technical details are based on the current JUnit version, milestone 2. You will find more information in the official user…

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Password-Less Authentication in Rails


Authentication is one of the key elements of many web applications. It is the stone wall between the application and its users, so it’s important that the authentication approach is secure and easy to use. But, what is this “authentication”? It’s a way of ensuring only users authorized by our application are allowed to use…

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Testing PHP Code with Atoum – an Alternative to PHPUnit


This article was peer reviewed by Christopher Pitt, @jubianchi, and Ivan Enderlin. Thanks to all of SitePoint’s peer reviewers for making SitePoint content the best it can be! More from this author Writing PHP Git Hooks with Static Review How I Set Up My Mac Development Machine If you’ve been around PHP for more than…

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Turn your online customer into a brand ambassador

google-review_1D6DE66E-1-42d7a59acedbca1b0c1790b802399a12eb21f160 Right after an online purchase by a customer, an important marketing opportunity arises. At that moment, someone chose to buy a product on your website. Seize that moment! In this article, we’ll go over a number of things you can do to turn these online customers into brand ambassadors. Promote us! It’s so easy to leverage that…

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