Native JavaScript Development after Internet Explorer


Welcome everyone to the third and last part of this series, dedicated to the retirement of oldIE and the changes this event has in the field of front-end development. So far we covered the obsolete techniques that can be safely discarded and the HTML5 and CSS3 properties that now have full native support along the…

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How To Create a Twitter App and API Interface Via Python


This tutorial illustrates how to use a Python API to connect to a Twitter account using the Twitter library. Specifically, this API allows a user to extract high quantities of data pertaining to a specific Twitter account, as well as directly control Twitter posts from the Python platform (such as posting multiple tweets at once).…

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Rich snippets everywhere

rich_snippets_a6000-600x214-747c7ad1329539829537ae4fd242d1902af015eb Rich search results are everywhere. Years ago, search engines presented search results without much adornment. Today, the search results look very different. We see extra information beneath the links, plus a couple of big blocks of rich content, depending on what you look for. The additional lines beneath results are called rich snippets, and…

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Why Entrepreneurs Should Start Strength Training (and Where to Begin)


This is the age of the entrepreneur. Just check your social media feeds. Everyone is seemingly “hustling,” trying to make their hobby or side-passion into a legit and profitable 9-to-5 career. At least for a year or two, until their plans for “world domination” come to fruition and they can retire to some tropical island,…

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15 Best Tutorials to Master WordPress Navigation Menus


Are you looking for the best tutorials to work with WordPress navigation menus? WordPress navigation menus allow you to easily customize and manage menus on your website. In this article, we will show you the best tutorials to master WordPress navigation menus. Since this is a lengthy article, we have added a list of contents…

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Technical SEO Best Practices – New (free) ebook!


TL;DR: I wrote a technical SEO ebook. It’s free. You should get it here. You’re probably all wondering where the hell I’ve been. I haven’t written a blog post in, what, four weeks?! I’ve been working on two projects. The first one is a free ebook: Technical SEO Best Practices. I wrote it as something…

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How to Monetize Your Blog with Sponsored Content


More from this author What is Adaptive Design? (And is it Different from Responsive Design? Animations: Using Easings to Craft Smarter Interactions Back in the early days of the web, or at least, when we first started to monetize it, display advertising was a lot more lucrative. First of all, ad-blockers were a thing of…

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What’s New and Exciting in PHP 7.1?


This article was peer reviewed by Thomas Punt. Thanks to all of SitePoint’s peer reviewers for making SitePoint content the best it can be! More from this author Quick Tip: The Convenient Magic of Eloquent Observers Extending OctoberCMS – Building a Soft-Delete Plugin The PHP community has gone viral with the latest PHP 7 announcement…

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Why is site structure important?

site-structure-important-FB-86bad679d3fae3e5e39da8e8266c636e7bffb848 Structuring your site is a crucial element of SEO. If you want to generate more traffic to your website, you should create a structure for your site that makes sense to Google and your site’s visitors. In this post, I’ll explain why site structure is such an important aspect of SEO. Structure shows importance to…

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How To Choose A Premium WordPress Theme For Your Online Venture


Undoubtedly, WordPress is the world’s number one content management system to build websites. Today, more than 74 million websites are operating on WordPress’s platform, chosen by many of the top companies and startups. That’s more than 27% of all websites on the internet. One of the clear reasons for choosing it as a website’s platform…

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